Frequently Asked Questions

Whats your shooting style?

We shoot through moments! Simply said, we shoot the moment from start to finish. So the bride just arriving at the stage, having exchanged a quick glance with the groom, a quick happy smile to join him , before facing the crowd. We shoot the entire thing at a rapid pace, to get the best shot with the brightest smile and true emotions.

What equipment do you shoot with?

We use Nikon , Canon and Sony full frame cameras to shoot with. Combined with a range of ever growing list of lenses.

24-70 2.8

70-200 2.8

35 1.4

50 1.8

85 1.8

Some of the lenses which have a permanent place in our camera bags, while others come handy as and when we want to experiment depending upon the location that we are shooting at.

What all do you cover at a wedding. With so many things, people and moments to shoot, what are your priorities?

We prioritize the couple at the top. Followed by the bride and grooms , parents and siblings. A wedding we shoot majorly revolves around you, the one who’s getting married and their families. Also we consider friends as family.

Which albums do you offer?

A Canvera album starting 10,000 INR

A Photokraft album starting 15,000 INR

My family wants to see you before we finalise, will you be available for a meeting at our place?

We can meet at a place outside with just the two of you, the couple. Or you accompanying someone who really has to take the call to make a booking. Why? Simply put, everyone has his/her own expectations and likings for the photos and video content. However, its your day that we would capture. Its humanly impossible to meet everyone’s liking, which often results in couples opting in for the content they personally don’t connect with.

Whats your team size for a wedding project?

Varies per project.When covering the wedding from both sides, team size can go upto a max 12.

Do you shoot outstation , weddings not local to your town?

Yes ! We love to travel and explore the different rituals in different parts of the country and open to world!

Are the charges separate for outstation weddings?

No, the charges remain the same. Both sides travel, food and accommodation is borne by the client.

What is your payment policy?

50% advance

40% On the first day of shoot.

10% before the trailer/teaser release

What if we feel the number of photos is less or there is some moment/someone missing?

Just let us know! While the joy of looking at memories always makes us wanting for more, but if you really feel any part or moment is missing, we would be happy to get it in the final edited set for you.

How long do you take to deliver the photos and videos?

#Trailer/Teaser : Within 30 business days, which then is edited to your liking.

#Film                   : 20 business days, after the teaser is approved.

#Photos               : After the final selection is made for the photos that you will like to get edited, we take 20 business days to deliver the albums and the edited images.

Please Note : Delivery time is subject to work type and season, we believe to spend time personally and hand craft each and every deliverable which may take some time. The entire data delivery may take anywhere between 2-3 Months.

How many photos do you deliver from the wedding day?

The focus is again to deliver the story of your special day. While the candid photos that we take usually take sums up the day in about 300 images, but we donot limit the number incase you feel we missed out on some moment or that one family member.

Traditional/stage photos are delivered separate in addition to the candid photos, making the total count to a near 500.

How long will be the cinematic videos?

We offer three options :

#Cinematic Film : Upto 25 – 35 mins

#Teaser : Upto 1 minute

#Trailer : Upto 5- 7 mins

While the teaser is of fixed 1 minute length, trailer and film is focused on expressing the story, and the length is not a limiting factor.